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Introducing ‘The HUB’

Nestled in the Herefordshire Countryside, a warm welcome to a food lover’s paradise. At the heart of this elegant and charming country manor is a tenacious produce-led dining ethos.

Meandering through a secluded pathway, passing stunning oak trees consciously planted by the owners of Lemore Margaret and Ben Owen. Masked by a storybook miniature forest, a clearance appears, your destination for the evening. The HUB, a modern, oval, glass dining space that creates an effortless connection between you and the surrounding nature during your dining experience.

The Lemore Estate

With views overlooking a breathtakingly untouched water feature, The HUB is certainly a place of beauty, with the expectations of something magical.

A deep-rooted respect for nature, provenance and sustainability meets modern culinary techniques, innovation and flare. Seasonally changing ingredients inspire the menus and ensure a truly memorable dining experience that reflects the farm to table philosophy; expect the best local ingredients, handled with respect and creativity.


The Signature Tasting menu is the perfect way to experience the creative and innovative cuisine of Lemore Manor’s Executive Head Chef, Mehdi Amiri. As he adds the final intricate details to his well thought out dishes, he regards the opportunity to be creative in such a beautiful environment is his greatest success.

Introducing Mehdi

The Oxfordshire Chef, who is of Persian and English heritage, enjoys discovering and experiencing world cuisines that utilise traditional and modern cooking techniques. From grains and spices from the Oman bazaars to fishing for Arctic Char in Finland. A clear passion for his craft is evident.

Mehdi spent his youth residing in the middle east and studying in Toronto Canada. He developed his catering career in luxury resorts throughout Europe and Australia before returning to the UK to work in Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Oxfordshire. Working amongst institutional names such as Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc and Heston Blumenthal, the amalgamation of these internationally acclaimed chefs becomes apparent in Mehdi’s culinary execution.


Mehdi has a keen eye for detail, with his enthusiasm for arts and creativity reveals itself through every dish; he is dedicated and focussed on delivering a memorable experience at Lemore Manor.

As described by Mehdi; ‘We are not just open to hotel guests spending the evening at Lemore, but also to foodies who just come to immerse themselves in the culinary experience of the HUB.’

Being on the 20 acres Lemore Estate, it truly is a case of Estate to Plate for Mehdi and The HUB dining experience. From venison to pheasant, figs to purple pak choi we are fortunate to be able to utilise all that this bountiful estate has to offer. Mehdi works closely with the gardeners to make the most of the seasonal produce grown within the edible gardens, as well as foraging to further compliment his dishes.

The rotating lounger seats 2 and is ideal for romantic dinners, whilst the large Hub is perfect for 10-12 guests.


For all enquiries please contact us on 01544 300281 alternatively email us at enquiries@lemoremanor.com