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Want to be a Lemore Bride?

At Lemore Manor, we believe the key to making a happy bride – is to make her feel relaxed! With many years of experience here at the Manor, we know how important it is to ensure everyone is happy and having fun. A bride will feel relaxed, knowing all her guests are welcomed and looked after the minute they step out of their cars. A bride will feel relaxed knowing that we are ready to meet and greet her suppliers delivering all the little items on the day and making sure everything is in the right place, just as she wanted it to be. A bride will feel relaxed, knowing that one of the Lemore Team will pop over to the Hen House regularly to check they are all having fun and if any more “top ups” or nibbles are required. A bride will feel relaxed, knowing that the attention to detail will be carried out by the Lemore Team at all times. A bride will feel relaxed, knowing that our Chefs will prepare the best foods, using local producers and suppliers here in Herefordshire, all freshly prepared on the day. A bride will feel relaxed, knowing that her Photographer will have ample opportunities here to take fantastic photos to capture her special day, just like this one! This shot was taken in one of our Bridal Suites.
Photo captured recently by Dean Jones Photography

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